Where do the dresses come from?

All the dresses have be ethically sourced via Sir Lanka, where we have a 3rd party distribution center and workshop. Each collection has been handpicked via the owner which involves a trip to Sir Lanka to sample the dresses and ensure they are the right quality and of course uniquely, fun and creatively designed.

How do you ensure quality?

We pay a fair price for each garment and ensure only the best materials are used. Cotton is a must for comfort, especially here in Dubai and we will not compromise on this. After the initial dress has been approve in Sir Lanka, if we receive an inferior collection in our shipment then this simply goes back and we don’t sell.

How often do you get a new collection?

We go on buying trips to Sir Lanka every 6 months

Once sold out do you receive replenishment?

Once an item has sold out we very rarely stock again