Launched in 2020, Our beautiful dresses have been imported from around the world to give you a boutique collection that is unique.


The focus of is stylish, versatile pieces that can be worn both day and night and will make you feel great.  

The core range encompasses a boho, natural vibe - we use only natural materials and dresses are loose, cut from beautiful fabric - from floral to polka-dots and cotton to lace.  

Dresses that are timeless, our style will never fade.


So purchase online today and make your style your own story with Mode Devoted.    



The brand name was born in 2008 when a young girl started a fashion blog now in 2020 this blog as been relaunched into a fashion ecoms website and what a journey it has been.

So why Mode Devoted? Well, Mode means fashion in Fench and Devoted because well I was and still am devoted to fashion.

Now 12 years on, at 34 I truly believe that feeling and looking good is a lot less about fashion and current (sometimes crazy) trends and more about style.